Trash Can Initiative

About The Initiative

Have you noticed that there just aren’t that many (okay, ANY) trash cans around Scott’s Addition? With the exception of the rolling cans or a dumpster, there’s really no place for the public to toss garbage after visiting one of our amazing businesses.

That’s why the Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association is in the process of purchasing a bulk amount of wire mesh trash cans to be placed around the neighborhood. We purchased the first round of 17 cans, all purchased by member businesses, in April of 2018, with more expected to be installed soon.

Let’s be honest–trash cans aren’t a sexy topic, but they’re vital to keeping our community clean and litter-free, and we’re committed to having them located throughout the neighborhood.

These trash cans are ideally located in areas with high amounts of pedestrian traffic and near businesses that potentially create a lot of trash like, say, a café or bar.

Cans have been added to the Department of Public Works’ weekly dumping schedule.

Do Your Part and “Pitch In”

Now, here’s where you come in! While SABA has purchased some cans, business owners have reached out asking to purchase their own; some wanting two or three. If that’s you, please click the link to make your purchase. Cans are $185 apiece, which includes shipping.

Committee Head

Sandi Cauley

804.801.2607 – EMAIL

Map of Current Trash Can Locations

Click any point on the interactive map below to view location details and photo.