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Meeting Schedule

The association hosts public membership meetings open to members and the public alike at rotating venues throughout Scott’s Addition on the first Wednesday of every other month at 8:30 AM. Board meetings are closed-door meetings held at 8:30 AM on the first Wednesday of the month on months that a public meeting is not taking place; they are held the first Tuesday on alternating months.

Present at a Meeting

Do you have a community announcement or are you developing something new in the neighborhood and want to share it publicly? Have a development project or other idea you want to ask our board support? Email us up until a week before an upcoming meeting to share your idea and we’ll add you to the meeting agenda. All guest presentations and announcements are subject to approval and solely at the discretion of the board, and presentations at both public and board meetings are limited to seven (7) minutes.

2021 Meetings:

NOTE: Board meetings are not open to the general public. Anyone may attend public meetings, members or not.


  • January 13, 2021 – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, February 2nd – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, February 3rd – Public Meeting
  • Wednesday, March 3rd – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 6th – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, April 7th – Public Meeting
  • Wednesday, May 5th – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 1st – Public Meeting
  • Wednesday, June 2nd – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, July 14th – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, August 3rd – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, August 4th – Public Meeting
  • Wednesday, September 1st – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, October 5th – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, October 6th – Public Meeting
  • Wednesday, November 3rd – Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, December 7th – Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, December 8th – Public Meeting