Neighborhood Issues

Neighborhood Issues

As our neighborhood grows and changes, there are a number of growing pains we aim to address by interfacing with city officials and joining forces with our membership base to solve. Those four priority areas include traffic, parking, sidewalks, and green space.


Scott’s Addition has grown from an industrial area with little vehicular or foot traffic to the hottest neighborhood in Richmond, full of breweries, apartments, restaurants, and shops in a matter of five to seven years. As such, traffic has increased exponentially. We’re working with the City of Richmond on a traffic study, to be conducted over the summer of 2018, that will provide recommendations on mitigation of traffic and related issues.


As the neighborhood has grown and new businesses have moved in, parking has become increasingly scarce. We’re also working with the City of Richmond on a parking and circulation study that will provide recommendations on how to best utilize the available parking in Scott’s Addition and what can be done to provide more.


The sidewalks in Scott’s Addition are still lacking. On some blocks, proper sidewalks don’t exist at all. In others, the concrete is incomplete or tree roots have made portions of the sidewalks impassable to those with disabilities. We’re working with the Department of Public Works to address a priority list of the areas in most need of repair or installation throughout 2018 and will document our progress.

Green Space

In early 2018, construction began on a new multi-use path along Patton Avenue and the CSX railroad tracks. We’ve secured approximately $700,000 between the sale of the Blue Bee Cider property which was earmarked for our use and funding from the 2018-2019 biennial budget and hope to construct a path that will eventually connect to the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Facility by 2020.