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Diamond District Teams Analysis: From the Greater Scott’s Addition Association

In an effort to support the City’s Richmond 300 Plan, The Greater Scott’s Addition Association (GSAA) recently met with each of the three finalists for the Diamond District, the prime redevelopment site comprised of 67.57 acres bordered by I-64/I-95 and Arthur Ashe Boulevard. 16 GSAA board members took part in the presentations separately, for over an hour, allowing finalists to tell us why they were the best teams for this Richmond project. We are supportive of this project and want what’s best for the City.

The meetings were held on the following dates: 6/8/22 – RVA Diamond Partners, 6/10/22 – Richmond Community Development Partners, 7/12/22 – Vision 300 Partners. The GSAA notified all three teams that following their presentations the board would utilize anonymous ranked-choice voting to highlight who the board believes is best based on the GSAA’s key guiding themes.

After one round and 16 votes, RVA Diamond District Partners is the preferred of the group. 16 of twenty board members voted. The remaining four board members recused themselves due to ties to groups that participated in the RFP. The GSAA board presented this information to members of the City’s selection committee on July 21st.

See slides below for details and results.

*No board meetings/discussions had taken place in between hearing from the 3 finalists and voting.