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Scott’s Addition dance studio pivots to online streaming classes during pandemic

On March 30th, Governor Ralph Northam issued an executive order that shuttered all Virginia gyms and studios and mandated all residents stay home to “flatten the curve” of COVID- 19 cases. So, what are you supposed to do when your whole business is based on the in-person group experience and it gets shut down? You go virtual.

Although virtual fitness and on-demand classes have been out there for a while, most boutique fitness studios were not set up to do it and a lot of small studios have been scrambling.

“I’ve learned something new about executing it every day,” said Sandi Cauley, owner of TURN Cardio Jam Studio, “I’m sitting in webinars, grabbing online help videos and testing out new products daily hoping to deliver quality audio and video via our streaming provider. And then on top of it, l am like an air traffic controller coordinating with instructors, scheduling the class, streaming the class and then making sure the client got a great experience. It’s a lot harder than you think.”

TURN has been trying to stay true to its studio schedule providing clients with 15 various classes 7-days a week; everything from dance fitness and dance instruction to yoga and HIIT strength classes. They have even added family classes to incorporate workouts with teens and children. Members are given the added bonus of On-Demand classes to watch at a later time.

The business also rented out its equipment to members and clients; allowing them to take home weights, bands, BOSUS, and whatever else needed for an effective home workout. Next week, the studio will launch private lessons. Allowing anyone to book time with instructors to again get that one on one interaction and attention.

“Initially, we thought this could be a steep challenge, but we have gotten a lot of support,” explained Cauley. “The bulk of our members have stayed with us. Former clients have returned and some friends from as far away as Australia are now jumping into classes, some of them trying us for the first time. If there’s a silver lining – that might be it.”