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You Better Work: The Surprising Industry That’s Taking Over Scott’s Addition

This post was totally inspired by one of my best friends, whose company just moved into the neighborhood.

Like most of the newbie companies setting up shop here, Aerotek, recently leased an aging building in Scott’s Addition, and transformed it into an epic office space for its staff.

And just as I was walking on cloud nine with elation that she was going to be so much closer to my studio – one of my clients informed me that her brother’s staffing company just set up shop here too, Ranstad.

Sweet and simple: Aerotek and Ranstad are both employment agencies. They both put butts in the seat for companies that need to fill jobs both on a permanent and temporary basis.

I know, you’re probably like whoopty-do, but stay with me here – a quick Google search and I learned that there are now technically six staffing/employment agencies here in Scott’s Addition.

I know, right? – Mind blown! Almost as many headhunters here as there are breweries – who knew? It means Scott’s Addition is not only the place where you can find a banger of a craft beverage, but it is also the place where you’re most likely to find a job.

I won’t bore you with their company missions or history of how these staffing agencies came-to-be, but I am gonna give you the rundown of who’s here and where you can find them in a list below.

And I’m going to include the names of co-working spaces now in our neighborhood too, because the idea of living here with just a walk to work, a workout or a favorite hangout sounds perfect to me.

You’re welcome!


1901 Roseneath Road
Specialty: Manufacturing, Engineering & Professional

Aston Carter
1901 Roseneath Rd
Specialty: Accounting and Finance

Monument Consulting
1800 Summit Ave
Specialty: Labor & Professional

2907 W. Marshall St
Specialty: IT

1501 Roseneath Road
Specialty: Manufacturing and Logistics

Strategic Staffing Solutions
3200 Rockbridge Street Suite 105
Specialty: Energy/Utility, Healthcare, Insurance, Communication & Finance



2920 W. Broad St.

Venture X
1806 Summit Ave